Opobo Kingdom Health-Care Association


03. OKHCA pledges to render our services equally, with fairness, and justice, for all benefactors.
04. Providing an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue, discussion and exchange of information and knowledge with any person, groups or organizations who wish to undertake any form of outreach to the citizens of Opobo Kingdom wherever they may be in Nigeria.


We're all about people
02. We will implement our services whilst maintaining peace and encouraging progress in our communities.
01. We pledge to provide care, protection and services that are affordable and available for our citizens who source for and qualify for them.
05. Undertake to offer relevant services and address issues concerning persons who are 60 years and above.
06. Cooperate with relevant agencies and organizations (government and non-governmental) in the formulation of policies designed to encourage outreaches and any development and improvement in the quality of life of the elderly.